SARASOTA — After a year of construction and updates, renovations of the former home of Sarasota African American pioneer Leonard Reid are nearing completion and the former home will soon be opening to the public as a new cultural center for residents and visitors in the historic Newtown community. 

Set to open in late January 2024, the new Sarasota African American Cultural Center is the culmination of years of work from Newtown historian and Sarasota African American Cultural Coalition (SAACC) president Vickie Oldham.  

After successfully rescuing the 1,400-square-foot 1920s home from what could have been a demolition, Oldham was instrumental in not only relocating the home to its permanent museum site but also the decision-maker behind the unique team of builders who stepped up to the task of preserving the Black history of Sarasota for future generations and residents, Envision-CS. Read full article.

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