A committed scholar and amazing Friend. Dr. Rosalyn Howard is remembered by Vickie Oldham.

Dr. Rosalyn Howard

SAAC President and CEO Vickie Oldham memorialized Dr. Rosalyn Howard recently in the Herald Tribune . She was an accomplished anthropologist and associate professor at the University of Central Florida. Rosalyn’s work helped add historical context to the actions of early pioneers and civil rights leaders. She passed on March 4th, 2023. Rosalyn Howard is remembered fondly as a mentor, partner, and most of all a friend.

Here is a snippet from the story:

I hear Dr. Rosalyn Howard’s voice in all of the ‘Looking for Angola’ resources that our research team created from the time we began our search in 2005 for artifacts related to the 1800s Black Seminole settlement.

Her fingerprints are on the materials that document Newtown’s 100-year-plus history; indeed, Newtown Alive’s research report, website, book, oral history interviews, podcast series and historic markers all have her stamp of approval.

Roz was my research partner, my mentor and my friend, and she taught me how to honor diverse people, cultures and history.

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